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"The members   
      of the BÄND"
Die ultimative Info-base für Groupies, Fans, Headhunters: jeder Gangster im Detail...   "The members   
      of the BÄND"
Love love love .. no underwear required from Mechico ! Loves girls and girls love him from Italy ! also called "slowhand" only german member of the band Hits you with his rythm-STICK
Dr. Love Sound
Dr. Sugar Heckenbush
Antonio Guitarreras
Gwen Stacey
(Trumpet, Guitar,
Percussion, Back-Voc)
Luigi Masturbazione
(Sax, Key, Back-Voc)
professore de musica
Mr. Marc
"Baccardi" Watson

(Guitar, Key, Back-Voc)
Sir Georg Zipfel
"der Hexer"

(Bass, Back-Voc)

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